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Tree Spraying

Arcadia offers a full line of tree services. We always recommend preventative care to keep trees pest, fungus, and rot-free. Contact us today for a custom quote that will fit the needs of your property and specific trees needing attention.

Tree Spraying

Looking for Structural Tree Pruning? We service trees up to 15 feet tall.

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The Right Choice For Your Trees

We offer a range of fruit tree spray options and tree services in the Okanagan. Give your yard an advantage this season. Contact us to find out which program is best suited to your trees.

Fruit Tree Spraying

Okanagan Fruit trees need to be properly cared for to ensure they don’t become a burden or liability on your property. We are here to answer all of your Okanagan tree questions, such as when to spray apple trees or what type of fruit tree spray is best to use? With the right spray and care program in place you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty and fruit!

Established Trees

Both coniferous and deciduous trees are susceptible to a range of problems caused by changing weather conditions, pests, and nutrition. By assessing your property we’ll be able to give you a quote and custom program tailored to your exact needs. Contact us to find out more about our different Okanagan tree services.

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Common Problems


Sometimes trees need a little help when it comes to getting the proper type and amount of nutrients. By implementing a soil and root feeding program we’ll begin correcting the problems specific to that type of tree.  

Pest Control

Moths, flies, mites, oh my! The Okanagan has a lot of different pests that are attracted to the lovely fruit trees that grow so well here. Our preventative spray programs are your best defense against unwanted pests.  

Mold & Fungus

It’s not all sunshine here. With so many different micro-climates existing in the valley, it’s important to maintain and care for trees and properties that don’t get as much sun, and are prone to mold, fungus, and rot. 

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Tree Spraying

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