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Pest Control Kelowna

Keep your Okanagan property clean and clear with our interior and exterior pest control services. Our experts offer rodent control, wasp removal, ant control, programs to spray for spiders and more.

Pest Control Kelowna

Looking for Strata, Commercial or Restaurant pest management? We’ve got those too. Contact us for more info.

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Switch from your current pest control provider and we’ll match their price + give you 20% Off your first visit! Just mention our price matching program and provide us with your  previous service receipt before we begin.

Pest Control Packages

Our package pricing reflects the setup fee + first month of service. Monthly follow-up visits are recommended.


Get your living space clear of pests

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Mice | Rats | Ants


Keep your exterior structure under control

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Mice | Rats | Ants


Let us manage your problem inside and out

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Mice | Rats | Ants

Add On Packages:

Mosquito & fly, ant baiting programs, spider control, fruit fly control, clothing moths, pantry pests, silver fish and more.

Our 8-Step Process

Step 1

A floor level inspection of the operation, covering all five-pest activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage points and resident / employee areas.

Step 2

An analysis of the layout of the facility, noting all potential problem areas, both inside and out.

Step 3

Accurate pest identification, including identification of different kinds of pests well as various growth stages.

Step 4

A sanitization consultation at each visit, to help you the customer and your staff keep key areas of the facility clean and unattractive to pests.

Step 5

A treatment strategy that enters on a commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This ensures that the least invasive, non-chemical method (such as exclusion or trapping) is always used as the first treatment option.

Step 6

A customized treatment program to address any immediate pest problem.

Step 7

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance, with treatments adjusted accordingly to maximize effectiveness. Each visit includes a written Sanitation and Service report.

Step 8

Scheduling your next visit.

Common Pests


Depending on your situation, we’ll actively monitor your property providing rodent control to prevent further damage and alleviating health concerns.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasp control starting with identification, to nest location, to disposal and monitoring – we’ll create a custom program to ensure your chosen space is clear of these territorial pests. 


Through proven ant control strategies, we’ll begin reducing ant colony populations at the source of the problem, and continue active monitoring to reduce future growth. 


Through seasonal or routine programs, we’ll spray for spiders to keep your structures and exteriors free and clear. Eliminating spiders and reducing future populations.


Coddling moth is a major pest to agricultural and fruit crops. We have specific programs available to help prevent and control the devastating effects of this Okanagan pest.

Learn more about fruit tree spraying

okanagan pest control

Okanagan Pest Control

Arcadia is your Okanagan pest control expert! We serve the central Okanagan region, Spring, Summer and Fall. We are available for both residential and commercial jobs.

Kelowna Pest Control & Beyond

Our convenient location allows us to provide both Kelowna pest control and Vernon pest control services. 

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