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Okanagan Tree Pruning

A properly pruned tree will not only look healthier, but will see improved structure, growth, and fruit production. We provide tree trimming service for trees up to 15 feet tall.

tree pruning

Looking for Tree Spraying? We offer a range of spraying programs ideal for Okanagan fruit trees.

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Keep Your Trees Healthy & Happy

Tree pruning is done for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Give your tress the help they need this season. Contact us to find out if pruning or tree trimming is a good idea for your trees.

Top reasons to prune

It looks better!

Our Okanagan tree trimming service will have your trees cleaned up and include tree shaping to give them them maximum aesthetic appeal.

Structural integrity

Properly pruned trees will grow stronger and be able to withstand wind, storms and in the case of fruit trees – withstand the weight of seasonal fruit. 

Enhanced health & vitality

Our Okanagan tree services ensure you can enjoy strong, healthy, long lasting trees.

Maintain & improve fruit production

The Okanagan offers an abundance of fruit trees and proper pruning will help increase your fruit yield. Our staff are experts in pruning cherry trees, pruning apple trees, and many others.

Maintain proper size & shape

We offer Kelowna tree pruning services as well Vernon tree pruning services, and help customers everywhere in-between keep their trees a manageable and healthy size. 

Even sunlight distribution

Our tree trimming service ensures that your Okanagan trees enjoy even sunlight distribution allowing them reach their maximum potential.

Kelowna tree trimming

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