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The Okanagan’s choice for tree spraying, lawn care, and pest control services. Serving West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country and Vernon – we work with home and business owners to ensure healthy properties.

Arcadia is 100% locally owned and operated!

Tree Spraying

Through detailed inspection, seasonal care, and checkups, we’ll ensure your trees receive the care they need to stay pest and mold-free.

Lawn & Plant Health

Lawns and gardens need a little help to look their best. Through proper nutrition, root care, and maintenance programs we’ll help you get that vibrant, healthy yard you’re looking for.

Pest Control

Ants, moths, and mice – oh my! The Okanagan has both native and invasive species that need to be controlled to prevent property damage. Let us help you prevent, monitor, and control these issues.

Structural Tree Pruning

Improve your view, and your tree health! Prepare for fall pruning and request a quote today.


We’re here to take care of the details, so you can enjoy the view.

Trees, yards, and gardens are delicate, but we know what it takes to keep them healthy. Our dedicated team is here to help you take on any job, big and small.

Safety is always our biggest priority.

Protecting people, property, and planet is what comes first. We’re fully WorkSafe compliant, and we use products that minimize the impact on the Okanagan micro-climate that we call home.

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Arcadia’s learning center has a new post every month. We cover everything from advice on caring for fruit trees to tips on making your yard or outdoor communal area more enjoyable. From fruit trees to lawns and gardens, see what we have to say on perfecting outdoor spaces across the Okanagan.

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