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Root Feeding

Root feeding, also known as root fertilization, is crucial for the healthy growth and development of trees. The roots of trees are responsible for absorbing water, nutrients, and minerals from the soil, which are essential for their overall well-being and longevity. 

Kelowna Root Feeding

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The Right Choice For Your Trees

Proper root feeding ensures that trees receive the necessary nutrients they require to thrive, especially in environments where the soil might be deficient in certain essential elements.

Do You Need Root Feeding?

Determining whether root feeding is necessary for a tree involves assessing several factors related to the tree’s overall health and the surrounding environment. Here are some general indicators that suggest a need for root feeding.

Poor Growth

If a tree is exhibiting stunted or slow growth, it might be a sign that the soil lacks essential nutrients. In such cases, root feeding can provide the necessary elements to promote healthy and robust growth.

Wilting Leaves

Yellowing, browning, or wilting leaves can be indicative of nutrient deficiencies or other underlying issues. Root feeding can help rectify these nutrient imbalances, allowing the tree to regain its vitality and foliage color.

Soil Deficiencies

Conducting a soil test can reveal whether the soil lacks specific nutrients essential for the tree’s growth. If the test indicates nutrient deficiencies, targeted root feeding can help supplement these vital elements directly to the root system.

Environmental Stress

Trees experiencing environmental stress, such as extreme weather conditions, pollution, or nearby construction, might benefit from root feeding to bolster their ability to withstand these pressures and maintain their health.

Pest or Disease Infestations

Trees that are susceptible to pests or diseases can benefit from root feeding as it can enhance their natural defenses and improve their ability to recover from infestations or infections.

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