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The foundation for Arcadia Tree & Lawn Care

Arcadia, which the ancient Greeks associated with bountiful splendor and harmony with nature, is a company that strives to create and maintain these harmonic natural spaces for everyone to enjoy, even the bugs!

Arcadia Tree & Lawn Care saw its beginnings even before its time, as a one-man operation in the 60s, growing and expanding from one city to the next. Sure, things have changed since then – it used to be called Grogreen, and the trucks have changed (a lot), but the principles remain the same;

Mother Nature is our boss and our job is to be plant doctors –diagnosing and being proactive, choosing solutions for the betterment of the whole ecosystem.

Arcadia is 100% locally owned and operated!

Our Safety Guarantee


Since our beginning, Arcadia has looked for ways to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment we are dependent on. We’re proud to declare ourselves as fully WorkSafe compliant, ensuring our employees are educated in workplace safety, and keeping them and our clients out of harm’s way. Our safety doesn’t just cover people, however: our tree spraying program promotes products that help minimize our impact on the Okanagan micro-climate we all call home, ensuring environmental safety for all.

When you get Arcadia caring for your trees, you promote a local company that guarantees safety for you, our workers, and the Okanagan.

Our Team

Mike Couchman

If we were in Arcadia, Mike would be the Sage. He is committed to helping everyone around him gain deeper insight and wisdom (whether they want to or not), and everyday serves as our thoughtful mentor and advisor.

Mike is never one to miss an opportunity to teach others his wisdom, so his company has slowly moved into younger and less sun-kissed hands, and that’s where Arcadia came to fruition. He has made such an impact during his 60 years of plant health care and pest management; Arcadia is so lucky to have his mentorship going into the future. 


He is imaginative and inventive–he is a Creator. It’s apparent in the way he works, and his drive to succeed.  He wants to make a difference, and create something of value. 

If there is a new way to do something, he is already on it. Which is great for Arcadia because what company wouldn’t want to be one step ahead of the rest.


Is the innocent; exuding happiness, optimism, and a youthful disposition. But his young years don’t represent how much experience he has in the work field, clearly seen by his ability to do it right the first time, and every time.

He exemplifies our desire to create harmony with nature by keeping the harmony with our team and everyone around him. Everyone is happier when Logan is around.


She is the Ruler, creating order from chaos, making sure everything is in its place, and that there is a place for everything. She will take your calls, book you in, set the crews on route, and do it all over again before coffee break. She likes 1 milk + 1 sugar if anyone wants to visit her in the office.


Rick is a true neighbor. He is reliable, respectful, and genuine. Teamwork makes the dreamwork; and he is constantly lending support for the team, wherever and whenever. Everyone needs a guy like him as part of their team; and we are glad we have Rick!


He’s a Rebel. But this is one of the most important pieces of the team. He is always pushing for development of a greater team and service.  He is not afraid of a challenge. Mother Nature loves him and his desire to advocate for her and her critters, from birds to bugs.


Kim is a Caregiver through and through. Which is good because she is responsible for the safety and well-being of the Arcadia team, and everything they touch. She is endearingly called the ‘Safety Queen’.

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