Apple trees

One of the most popular fruits for orchards and homeowners alike, apple trees produce beautiful blossoms during the spring and their well-known fruit in the fall. Apples taste great and are best known for their versatility and popularity in jams, jellies, desserts, salads, and more. They are also well regarded for their vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibre nutritional benefits. However, maintaining an apple tree to produce a bountiful, healthy amount of fruit can be greatly impacted by pests and blights. Apple trees are commonly attacked by the Anthracnose Canker fungus, which causes a “bulls’ eye” fruit rot in apples. It also can wilt bark, leaving it susceptible to other dangerous infections and invasions by pests. Apple trees are also vulnerable to pests such as aphids, the Apple Clearwing Moth, and the Apple Curculio. Aphids, one of the most common pests of fruit trees are able to do significant amounts of damage on their own to the developing fruit or leaves of the tree. They can even attract even more pests due to their production of a “honeydew” substance, compounding the issue.


To prevent these pests and blights from attacking your apple trees, it’s important to have them properly sprayed as a preventative measure every year. This will ensure that not only your apple trees can survive for decades, but that they can yield an abundant harvest for every year to come.

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